The system TrackPro is a complete telemetry and geopositioning solution that support many networks and that is suitable for the management of fleets of any size. It is widespread in many countries and has a user interface currently available in 5 languages with many and significant areas of application. It is a concrete example of the «Internet of Things». TrackPro provide and analyze the routes according to the parameters defined by the user.
  • Position: allow to check the real-time position of all the vehicles on an interactive map.
  • Routes: routes' control, driving hours, intervention times and delivery times
  • Security: control of the load temperature, fuel level
  • Alarms: instant notice (via SMS or e-mail) in case of unexpected events like stops, abnormal movements, doors' opening, safety button
  • Comunication: possibility to communicate in real time with the driver without additional costs
  • Web: web access to the console for the management of the system, management of the different credentials with different levels of access
  • Reports: possibility to extract aggregated and statistical data regarding the use of vehicles.
Flussi The system is able to monitor the fuel consumption, the driving time, the stops, the crossing of boundaries (by the definition of "geozones" or areas of interest), the temperature, the opening/closing of doors, the load or unload of vehicles. Furthermore it can enable the communication with the driver. The monitoring is possible through the simple access to the application via Internet. TrackPro is available in different versions with different features and it is totally customizable according to the specific needs. Brochure

    Сравнение TrackPro с конкурентами:
  • разработан непосредственно для корпоративных клиентов;
  • полностью базируется на облачных технологиях;
  • многоязычный интерфейс;
  • 4 различных, динамически выбираемых карты, с охватом районов без дорог;
  • возможность связать с серверными системами управления на стороне Клиента;
  • возможность выставлять счета прямо из системы;
  • гибкость настройки под Клииента.


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